Highway & Water Departments


Jason Lannon, Highway Superintendent

Willie Murphy, Deputy Highway Superintendent


Highway/Water Department Hours:

Monday- Thursday  6:30 am – 4:30 pm


Willie Murphy, Water Superintendent

Kevin Lyke, Assistant Water Superintendent

Water Emergency?


Highway Department E-Mail:


Snowplow Damage to your mailbox? We can help temporarily, please contact us!

Water Emergency?

Water Emergency?

 585-289-3010 or 315-462-6224 

ext. 6 

Water Emergency?

Water Emergency?

Water Emergency?

Please call 315-759-7092

Water Department E-Mail: manchesterwater@manchesterny.org

Water Billing


Quarterly Water Bills are due by the 31st of January, April, July and October

In person water payments by cash, check, or 

credit card (fees apply) are accepted in the 

Town Clerk’s Office at:

Manchester Town Hall

 1272 County Rd. 7

Clifton Springs, NY 14432

Water payments may also be mailed or left in the outside locked drop box on the side of the building near the main entrance after hours

Water Rates & Fee Schedule

***All Rates are Subject to Change***

***All Rates are Subject to Change***

***All Rates are Subject to Change***

All accounts will be assessed a minimum quarterly charge which shall include two components:

1. A minimum charge for water

2. A meter rental charge (exclude Co. Rd. 13 W.D.)

· County Rd. 13 Water District: $47.50 Minimum quarterly charge for 0-5,000 gallons, 

then $7.54 per 1,000 gal. beyond min. 

· Central & Port Gibson Water District $40.75 Includes the first 5,000 Gallons/quarter, 

then $4.52/Total Gallons  plus 1.25 (Meter rental charge)

** Revised: (05/14/2019) (Effective as of July, 2019 - 2nd quarter billing) **

A one-time connection charge shall be made as follows:

· $1,500.00 one-time fee payable at time of application. 

· $1,600.00 if connection is made for Out-of-District user (set by Town Board).


Turn On/Turn Off Service: 

· Turn-on Service --$50.00 per request

· Turn-off Service--$50.00 per request

***All Rates are Subject to Change***

***All Rates are Subject to Change***

Out-Of-District Users: 

· The one-time connection charge shall be $1,600.00. 

· Out-of-district users shall pay the same minimum quarterly charges and water rates as listed above for their respective district-and ***In addition, all out-of-district users shall be assessed a minimum quarterly service charge depending on the amount assessed for debt service for their designated water district to be divided and paid quarterly. 

(See attached list for current debt service amounts.)

NOTE: This item was amended (Res. #87/2016) to be:

· In addition, all out-of-district users shall pay per quarter for each benefit unit per parcel; to be effective as of October 2016 billing.

· The Port Gibson OOD User fee will remain @ $45/quarter at this time.


· $100.00 fee for use of hydrant, and double check valve.

· $500.00 deposit (refundable) on meter and back-flow, then $5.55/Total Gallon, 

NOTE: the deposit of $500.00 would be refundable, as per authorization of Highway/Water Superintendent.

NOTE: Turner Road Water District is an Ad Valor em District & pays water bills quarterly to the Newark Water Department. 

FINAL READING/BILLING: Upon request of Homeowner &/or Attorney: A final read and billing will be done. If this occurs within a seven-day period of a quarterly read & billing, the quarterly read and bill will be the Final billing.