Dog Licensing & Requirements



 There is no application needed prior to licensing a dog, just bring proof of rabies and if the dog has been spade or neutered to the Town Clerks Office.

  1. Puppies by four (4) months of age, rabies shots must be administered by three (3) months of age
  2. Older dogs within ten (10) days of adoption
  3. Report status changes in writing within ten (10) days
  4. Maximum of four (4) dogs per property in the Town of Manchester, without obtaining a variance.
      • Village of Manchester allows three (3) dogs per property
      • Village of Shortsville allows four (4) dogs per property
      • Village of Clifton Springs allows (2) dogs per property


Pricing: ***New Prices as of October 1, 2018***

  1. Unaltered dogs:                                       $25.00 per year
  2. Spayed/neutered dogs:                       $16.00 per year

***A fee of $10.00 will be assessed for each LATE dog license renewal***

Ontario County Humane Society, 585-396-4590, handles stray dogs, dog bites, and inhumane animal treatment reports.

Nuisance problems with neighbor’s dogs, which cannot be settled between the neighbors, are handled through the Town Court. 




  1. Report animals (domestic or feral) acting as though they might be rabid to Ontario County Humane Society at 585-396-4590 (Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM) or after regular business hours to 911.  They will need to know the location and general direction of the animal to capture it.
  2. If your animal comes in contact with a rabid animal, contact your veterinarian to see if your pet needs a booster on its rabies vaccination.
  3. If your animal has any of the bodily fluids of the rabid animal on it, ask your veterinarian or Public Health how to clean your pet so no one in your family becomes contaminated with rabies.